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How many Deans of Penn Law School have there been? 

This question is a little bit tricky! The following is a list of Deans (and Sub Deans, and Acting Deans, and Interim Deans) of the law school. We leave it up to you to determine the appropriate count, depending on your definition. 

Deans of the University of Pennsylvania Law School

1852-1868 George Sharswood

1868-1872 E. Spencer Miller

1874-1886 E. Coppee Mitchell

1888-1895 Christopher Stuart Patterson

1895-1896 G. S. Harrison, Interim Sub-Dean

1896-1914 William Draper Lewis

1914-1929 William Ephraim Mikell

1929-1940 Herbert Funk Goodrich

1940-1945 Edwin R. Keedy

1945-1948 Earl G. Harrison

1948-1951 Owen J. Roberts

1951-1952 Paul Brunton, Acting Dean

1952-1969 Jefferson B. Fordham

1970-1977 Bernard Wolfman

1977-1978 Louis H. Pollak

1978-1982 James O. Freedman

1982-1989 Robert H. Mundheim

1989-1999 Colin S. Diver

1999-2000 Charles W. Mooney, Jr., Acting Dean

2000-2014 Michael A. Fitts

2014-2015 Wendell E. Pritchett, Interim Dean

2015- Theodore Ruger

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